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Kereita Forest is the first of its kind in Kenya and East-Africa’s longest zip line tour, offering over 2.4km (1.4 miles) of flight across the lush Kereita forest located in Lari Kiambu County, approximately 60 kms from Nairobi.

Kereita Forest


Do you ever feel the need to get away from the daily hustle and bustle of life or perhaps you just like exploring the great outdoors? Join us and unleash your spirit of adventure as we head to the forest.

Kereita forest forms part of Aberdares National Park and is home to magnificent Gatamaiyu river, caves, wild animals and a waterfall which rises at the height of 60 feet.

The forest and the surrounding areas have animals such as elephants, leopards and colobus monkeys. The forest covers 47 square kilometres and is designated an important bird area with quite a number of bird species residing in the rich biodiversity.

On this adventurous and funfilled tour you will be greatly entertained doing the likes of Archery, Ziplining and Bike Riding with a break for lunch in the middle!

Our walk through Kereita Forest starts at the Carbacid Forest Gate. We will visit a small natural spring in the neighbourhood to view water bubbling from underground. This is actual carbon dioxide gas from the ground.
The trail then goes deeper into the forest, with the undergrowth now getting thicker and more interesting and varied. Giant ferns and climbers abound deep in the forest, competing for the meager light filtering though old gnarled mammoth trees that stand tall and proud, untouched by human exploitation. The sounds of various species of monkeys and birds increasingly become a regular part of the jungle. The trail is hardly discernible due to infrequent visitors to this part of the forest.
After walking up and down two steep river valleys for about two hours, we will pass by Elephant Pool, a large natural water body that Elephants love to frolic in. A further one hour walk will finally bring us to Kereita Waterfall on Gatamaiyu River. To the right side of the waterfall is a cave with a small bat population.Kereita has been classified as an Important Bird Area (IBA), and boasts over 138 species, of which 20 are considered rare.

The whole round hike takes about 6-7 hours


Hiking At Kereita ForestKereita Forest

Come hike at Kereita Forest and enjoy the fresh mountain air free from pollution. Mingle with nature as you hike through nature trails of the indigenous forests, the 60 feet tall Kereita Waterfall on Gatamaiyu, and also visit the elephant swimming pool inside the forest as you hike.

Hike Starting Point: The African Forest Lodge.

Ending point: The African Forest Lodge.

Walking Duration: 2 hours

Terrain: Animal trails through the iIndigenous forest.

Difficulty: Moderate

The Kereita Forest at the southern-most end of the Aberdares range has interesting hiking trails and natural features like the Kereita Cave and Waterfall. One of these trails, the Carbacid trail, leads to Kereita Waterfall on Gatamaiyu River, and the adjacent cave that is home to a small bat colony.

Route Description:

The walk through Kereita Forest starts at the Carbacid Forest Gate. This general area sits on top of an underground natural CO2 reservoir currently mined by Carbacid Ltd for industrial and commercial usage.
During the first hour, the hike goes through an exotic forest interspersed with large open clearings created by the controversial Shamba System.
As you get further into the forest and descend into the first river valley, the clearings give way to the indigenous forest. The undergrowth gets thicker, more interesting, and varied. Giant ferns and climbers abound, competing for the meager light filtering though old gnarled mammoth trees that stand tall and proud. The jungle comes to life with the calls of various monkey and bird species. The trail is hardly discernible due to infrequent visitors to this part of the forest. Most of trail here follows animal trails going in the general direction of the waterfall.
After walking up and down two steep river valleys for about two hours, the trail passes by the Elephant Pool, a large natural water body where elephants come to frolic. A further one hour walk finally brings you to Kereita Waterfall on Gatamaiyu River, dropping 60ft to the stream below.
To the right side of the waterfall is a cave with a small bat population.
The return path retraces part of the trail out of the valley to the top of a ridge, before veering off on a northbound trail into a bamboo forest. This path climbs to the highest point of the hike, a clearing with excellent views of Elephant Hill, Nairobi and Mt. Longonot. This location is ideal for camping point.

The whole round trip takes about 4 hours.








Zipline at Kereita Forest, the longest zip tour in East africa with a great view of Kereita dense forest, beautiful landscapes and fresh mountain air. Fly over the forest at speeds of up to 60 km/h, as you enjoy the view beneath you forest canopies. It is breathtaking and you even have chance to see Colombus monkeys or elephants below while enjoying an adrenaline rush like no other! Zip lining at Kereita is beyond comparison!

Kenya’s 6 zip line tour packs in a punch of adrenaline and offers those brave enough to try it unprecedented views of Kereita forest and the Aberderes Ranges.

Zip lining tour at The African Forest Lodge (Kereita) The longest zip tour in East Africa at over 2,200 metres takes you flying fast and high over Kereita Forest, offering unique views of the stunning landscape. Zip across mountain valleys at speeds of up to 60 km/h, skim the treetops, glide under giant forest canopies, while enjoying an adrenaline rush like no other! With distant views of Mount Kenya and perhaps a glimpse of a Colobus monkey or elephant nearby, this is a zip tour like no other! Built and operated to the highest international safety standards by Flying Fox, the tour encompasses 6 big zip lines, with short walks between each, offering ample opportunities to explore. Two of our instructors give you safety training and the chance to practice on a short, low zip line before you set off on the tour. The instructors ensure your safety on every zip and point out interesting facts & features along the way.

Kereita Ziplining

The 6 zip lines on the tour are:

Zip 1: The Colobus Catapult (425m)

From amongst the trees the first zip line launches you from the Adventure Centre high across the valley, reaching speeds of up to 60kph.

Zip 2: The Flying Elephant (385m)

Keep your feet up and eyes open as you zip back across the valley, keeping low and fast with views of waterfalls along the way.

Zip 3: The Eagle’s Nest (395m)

This wire is sure to take your breath away! Soar like an eagle 150ft high through the canopies of giant trees deep in the valley below.

Zip 4: The Big Sky (360m)

Feel free whilst flying over the open valley with views of Mt. Kenya directly ahead.

Zip 5: The Moo.. ving Target (325m)

Follow the contours of the ridge and remember to keep your feet up.

Zip 6: The Lumberjack (330m)

Buzz just meters underneath the canopy of a huge tree whilst zipping at top speed. This final zip line is sure to leave lasting memories.

Taking around 2 hours to complete, this zip-line activity includes safety brief, practice zip and short walks in between.

~> Maximum client weight: 115kgs.
~> Minimum client height: 1.4M (4 ft. 6 in.)


~> Solid Shoes.
~> Bring warm clothes and rain coats
~> Sunblock / Sunscreen if needed.


~> Casual slacks or cargo pants (No Sandals, Shorts or Skirts)
~> Hiking shoes with good grip
~> Hat incase of hot sun.
~> Warm Clothing in case of change of weather
~> Rain gears & always carry an extra Tshirt

Requirements/what to carry:

1. ID/Passport
2. Sun glasses
3. Sunscreen Lotion
4. Spirit of hiking
5. Extra water 2 ltr -3 ltrs
6. Packed Lunch / Snacks
7. Backpack to carry your personal items


~> Transport to and from
~> Park entry fee
~> Guide fee
~> Armed guide
~> 1 litre drinking water
~> Photography


~> Lunch / Snacks
~> Tips
~> Extra water
~> Other items not mentioned above.

Optional Attractions/Activities:


~> Rental charges depend on your selected duration
~> Cost to use tracks for a day if you have your own bike Ksh 500/-
~> Bike for hire 1 hour ksh 800, more than 1 hour ksh 1000


~> Safety Helmet
~> Shin guards
~> Solid shoes
~> Riding gloves
~> Bring warm clothes and rain coats
~> Sunblock / Sunscreen if needed


Paint ball Requirements:

~> Minimum players: 4 per team and maximum players: 20 (larger knock-out competitions can be arranged)
~> Minimum age for paintballing: 12 years
~ Must be appropriately dressed: proper shoes, lose clothing that allow mobility helmet, and overalls provided by the forest
~> Bring warm cloths and rain coats
~> Sunblock / Sunscreen if needed


5.Paint Balling

6. Foot Golf

7. Horse Riding



The tour starts with pick up from your hotel at 08.30 and drop off at your hotel approximately 16.00





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